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Local implementation plan

​Each London borough is required by the Greater London Authority Act to prepare a Local Implementation Plan (LIP) to implement the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy within their area.

Mayor of London’s transport strategy

In early 2018 the mayor of London released his vision for transport in London. It is called the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS).

The strategy sets out how walking, cycling and getting public transport around London can be improved.

The strategy has three main themes:

1. Healthy streets and healthy people

  • If streets and street networks are designed to encourage walking, cycling and public transport use, people will rely less on cars
  • If people use cars less, this will make people healthier.

2. A good public transport experience

  • Public transport is the most efficient way for people to travel over distances that are too long to walk or cycle.
  • If more people use public transport instead of private cars, this could dramatically reduce the number of vehicles on London’s streets.

3. New homes and jobs

More people than ever want to live and work in London. Planning the city around walking, cycling and public transport use will:

  • unlock growth in new area
  • ensure that London grows in a way that benefits everyone.

Consultation: Lewisham Transport Strategy and Local Implementation Plan 2019–2041

The mayor of London says we must develop a document that sets out how we are going to deliver the three MTS objectives at a local level.

We have called this document the Lewisham Transport Strategy and Local Implementation Plan 2019–2041 (LIP3).

The LIP3 will act as our main transport strategy. We will then have more detailed strategies to support it. These include strategies for:

  • rail
  • cycling
  • air quality
  • low-emission vehicles.

Tell us what you think

We are currently consulting on the draft LIP3.

The deadline for responses is 12 midnight on 23 November 2018.

Streets survey

To help develop the proposed programmes in the draft LIP3, we asked the public what issues and opportunities were important in their areas and how they could help to deliver the MTS themes.

In July 2018 we launched a map-based online survey called Lewisham Streets. People could use the survey to report transport issues in their local areas.

In the six weeks the survey was open we received just over 11,000 contributions. We believe this shows how much people want to improve the streets and spaces they live, work and study in.

Because the response was so positive we are considering using this online mapping tool throughout the life of the LIP. This would mean you could help us identify up-to-date projects and opportunities to deliver under the new LIP programme headings.

Visit Lewisham Streets for more information.


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