Tree management in Beckenham Place Park

Tree management in Beckenham Place Park

The regeneration of Beckenham Place Park will involve tree management works.

During March 2017 thousands of new trees were planted. These include whips and larger, more mature trees and is part of the planned programme to restore the historic parkland.

New planting

  • Around 12,000 trees were planted as part of the plans to transform the park through the Heritage Lottery Fund's Parks for People scheme. Most of these trees will be planted on the edge of the ancient woodland.
  • A further area of former woodland will be left to regenerate naturally.
  • 125 more mature parkland trees were also be planted.
  • All new trees planted in the parkland, woodland and orchard are native species. Some non-native species were used in the gardens to maximise all year round colour and interest.

Tree removal

  • Tree removal will only be undertaken where there are clear reasons to do so and the benefits of removal outweigh the loss.
  • The vast majority of trees being removed will be small and relatively young.
  • No ancient trees will be removed unless they are deemed to be dangerous.

Removing dead and diseased trees

  • In public parks tree surveys are required to ensure trees are in good condition. Around 80 trees will be removed because they are dead or diseased.

Restoring views and removing inappropriate planting

  • Many of the trees in the parkland/former golf course area today were planted in the 1990s to separate fairways or screen other parts of the park from golf balls. Fast growing species were used, such as birch and conifers, which do not have high ecological value.
  • Up to 250 trees will be removed from the golf course planting which will restore views within the parkland, break up the linear fairway planting and enhance sight lines, helping park users to feel safe.

Preserving and celebrating veteran trees

  • Around 100 smaller trees within larger clumps of vegetation will be thinned out to allow the most mature or healthiest trees to flourish. None of the healthy ancient oaks (or other species), which formed part of the eighteenth century landscape, will be removed.

Memorial trees

  • All trees planted in memory of a loved one will be kept within the park.