Consultation responses for Beckenham Place Park

Consultation responses for Beckenham Place Park

The views of the local community and users of Beckenham Place Park are central to our plans to improve the park. We want to take into account the broadest range of views possible, so that the regeneration benefits all sections of the community.

We carried out a number of consultations between January and April 2016. Over 400 people and 30 schools responded to the consultations. 

The responses gathered will inform our future work on the park’s regeneration.

We have summarised the main results from our separate consultations here.

  • There is widespread support overall for the regeneration of the park. The proposals are welcomed by a broad cross-section of the local community, while a minority of people will use the park less frequently following the regeneration.
  • Our plans to use the park for both large-scale and small events, with different themes, are backed by a majority of people.
  • Those we spoke to strongly welcome our plans to improve access to the park for walkers and disabled users. Most people approve of our attempts to relocate paths and car parks to ensure visitors can easily access facilities.  
  • Our efforts to improve preservation of the park’s historic buildings, meeting places and facilities have attracted widespread encouragement from those we have spoken to.
  • Most of the people we consulted are keen for us to improve the information available within the park about its history and heritage – a key part of our regeneration plans.
  • Alongside plans to enhance preservation of the park’s historic features, our proposals for new play areas at both ends of the park have proved popular.
  • Our plans to substantially boost the educational value of the park have been well received by local schools, with a large number indicating that they would use the park for outdoor learning following the changes.
Theme Consultation response


Only one in five (23%) people consulted considered Beckenham Place Park to be in ‘good’ or ‘very good condition’ (March and April 2016).

​70.1% of those asked indicated that the changes would encourage them to visit the park more frequently (March and April 2016).

48.7% of people approved of at least one major event being held in the park each year.


Only four out of ten people consider their understanding of the heritage of the park to be good or very good (March 2016).

91.7% of respondents indicated that they approve of renovating the Homesteads to include a café.

51.9% of those asked support improved highlighting of the heritage of the park through waymarked trails. 48.3% support an exhibition space at the Homesteads.


​69% of respondents are interested in participating in nature and wildlife events in the park.

30 local schools have expressed an interest in using the park for outdoor education.

69.2% people indicated they would be interested in events and activities focused on wildlife and nature (March and April 2016).

Activities and recreation

​88% of respondents are most interested in walking in the park, while 72.1% of respondents want to see improved access for walkers.

52.4% of those asked approved of the proposals to improve access to the mansion by relocating the car park.

Children and young people were interested in a range of outdoor activities: archery (81.3%), roller skating (55.1%), discovery trails (53.1%), mountain biking (52.7%) and climbing ropes (52.2%).

51.7% of children and young people and 29.9% of adults were interested in outdoor swimming.

55.4% of respondents showed support for new play facilities both on the eastern (river) side of the park and by the new Homesteads café (March and April 2016).

Children and young people would like to see a range of events including: outdoor fairs (81%), cookery events (71.4%), outdoor cinema & theatre (70.9%), sports competitions (63%), and art activities (63%).