Beckenham Place Park flower show

Beckenham Place Park flower show

​Beckenham Place Park’s first flower show is happening on Saturday 23 June 2018.

The flower show is a chance for anyone interested in gardening to get involved in a fun, competitive event. We welcome entries from first timers and more experienced growers, and there are also categories for children and community gardens.


We’ve included a wide range of categories, from flowers to fruit and vegetables to arts and crafts. 


  1. One vase of sweet peas – six stems
  2. One vase of floribunda roses – three stems (one or more cultivar)
  3. A fragrant rose – one bloom – judged on scent only
  4. One buttonhole rose with foliage
  5. Life cycle of a rose (one vase containing one bud, one specimen bloom and one open bloom)
  6. One delphinium spike
  7. One vase of flowers – one cultivar (maximum height of vase 25cm)
  8. One vase of mixed garden flowers (maximum height of vase 25cm)
  9. One specimen of hybrid tea rose (own container)
  10. Single cactus/succulant in a pot (pot maximum 20cm diameter)
  11. Single flowering pot plant (pot maximum 20cm diameter)
  12. Foliage pot plant (pot maximum 20cm diameter)
  13. A hosta plant (pot any size)
  14. Bonsai (one tree)
  15. Hanging basket (must not exceed 30cm in diameter, accessories allowed but must not dominate) – judged by public vote
  16. Church flower arrangement (in own vase or oasis brick)
  17. Bunch or vase of craft flowers (paper, fabric or any other materials in a vase)
  18. Vase of flowers from a community or collaborative garden (maximum vase height 25cm)

Fruits and herbs

  1. One growing herb
  2. Six gooseberries
  3. Six raspberries
  4. Best bowl of strawberries
  5. Any other fruit – three items
  6. Any fruit from a community or collaborative garden – six pieces


  1. Six radishes
  2. Three beetroots
  3. Five broad beans
  4. Box of salad vegetables
  5. Any other vegetable – three large or six small vegetables
  6. Any vegetable from a community or collaborative garden – three large or six small vegetables

Children (7 and under, 8–12 years and 13–18 years)

  1. Flowers in a mug
  2. Garden on a plate
  3. Heaviest strawberry
  4. Cress head or cress hedgehog
  5. Bunch or vase of craft flowers (made of paper, fabric, or any other material, in own vase)
  6. Bunch or vase of flowers made from recycled materials

Who can enter

  • The event is open to Lewisham and non-Lewisham residents.
  • You can enter as many categories as you want, but you can only make one entry per category.
  • The show is open to amateurs and professionals.
  • If you are a professional, you can only exhibit produce from your own private garden or allotment and in your own name.

Entry cost

  • The cost to enter each category is 50p.
  • All children's entries (aged 18 or under) and community or collaborative garden entries are free.
  • We will take your payment on the day of the flower show.

How to enter

  • Submit the entry form by 14 June 2018.
  • If you are entering the community categories (24 and 30), you should include the group leader’s name and the name of the organisation.
  • We will give you an entry number before the event.

On the day

Staging will happen in the morning, followed by judging. After judging, the exhibits will be open to the public.

We will confirm the exact timings for registration and staging.

Exhibition rules

  • You should only exhibit produce you have grown.
  • You should bring your own vases, and stick to the specified vase dimensions.
  • The judges will follow the Royal Horticultural Society’s rules and their decision is final.
  • You must collect your entries by 5pm on the day. We can’t accept responsibility for uncollected items.
  • We will give you entry cards on the day. You should display these name side down with all your exhibits.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to register on the day.

Advice for exhibitors

On the day of the show, you should bring:

  • your vases
  • materials for arranging flowers in vases (eg. moss, paper, oasis)
  • scissors etc.
  • extra blooms and vegetables in case of damage.

You should also:

  • wash your root vegetables
  • reduce the foliage on your beetroots to 76mm (3”)
  • name cultivars when displaying them, if possible.

 You should not:

  • exhibit peas or beans without stalks
  • polish apples, pears or stone fruit
  • exhibit stone or soft fruit without stalks
  • exhibit apples and pears without stalks
  • touch other competitors’ exhibits on the day.