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Catford Broadway

Catford Broadway and Catford Market already play a significant role in terms of the local economy. However, in a few years’ time both may become even more important.

We hope to make substantial changes to the town centre as a whole and, in order to facilitate this, Catford Shopping Centre might need to close for between 1–2 years. If that were to happen, Catford Broadway and Catford Market would have even greater significance.

Recently, just over £1.5 million of funding by the Mayor of London, plus an additional £600,000 from us has been spent on a number of improvements designed to attract more people to Catford Broadway. These have included:

  • a complete refurbishment of the street, with new lighting and seating, and a brand new, level 'shared' surface to improve accessibility and resolve issues such as drainage
  • improving the condition and overall look of a number of shop fronts
  • providing better facilities for the market and attracting new market traders.

Catford Broadway / Brookdale Road pedestrian zone

Additionally, Catford Broadway (plus the short section of Brookdale Road between Catford Broadway and the entrance to Catford Shopping Centre) is now officially classed a ‘pedestrian zone’, a move designed to make it a more appealing place to shop, meet and socialise.

The only vehicles allowed within the pedestrian zone are those delivering goods to premises or those accessing private parking areas. No other vehicles are permitted to drive, park or wait anywhere within the zone.

Any vehicles ignoring these restrictions are liable to receive a penalty charge notice.

These new parking restrictions and traffic management measures – combined with the improved positioning of the market stalls and shop forecourts – are designed to help create a more vibrant street where pedestrians have priority over vehicles.

However, pedestrians crossing Catford Broadway and Brookdale Road should remain vigilant since there will still be some traffic movement.

Authorised vehicles entering the zone from Rushey Green should use the left-hand side of the street (alongside the Town Hall) as their primary route.

Cyclists are still permitted to cycle through the pedestrian zone, although they should observe all existing highways restrictions including one-way travel along Catford Broadway.

I am a business owner; do I need a permit to receive deliveries from my suppliers or to bring in goods myself?

No. Vehicles are allowed to enter the pedestrian zone in order to deliver goods. All permitted vehicles should stop at an appropriate location and promptly unload/load goods before leaving the zone.

I am a market trader; do I need a permit to access the pedestrian zone to set up, take down or re-stock my stall?

No. Market traders can access the pedestrian zone in order to set up/take down and to re-stock. Vehicles should stop at an appropriate place and promptly unload/load goods before leaving the pedestrian zone.

I am a resident; do I need a permit to enter the pedestrian zone in order to access my private parking space or to load/unload goods to my home?

No. Vehicles owned by residents living within the pedestrian zone are permitted to enter the pedestrian zone for the purpose of loading/unloading or to access private parking areas. If you need to load/unload your vehicle, you should do so promptly before leaving the pedestrian zone and parking elsewhere.

I am disabled; where can I park?

There are disabled parking spaces in Thomas Lane and Holbeach Road car parks. Blue badge holders can also park free of charge for unlimited time at the on-street pay-and-display parking bays on Thomas Lane or in Holbeach Road. However, please be aware that blue badge holders are not entitled to park in resident-only parking bays, nor in the pedestrian zone.

Where can I park if I want to visit Catford?

There is pay-and-display parking available in Thomas Lane and Holbeach Road car parks. Residents and businesses can apply for a permit to park within the Controlled Parking Zone E; however, this does not permit them to park on Catford Broadway itself.

Why can’t I park in the pedestrian zone if there are no yellow lines?

The signs at the entry to the pedestrian zone and at intervals along it make it clear that it is prohibited to park anywhere within the pedestrian zone. No yellow lines are required to enforce this restriction, and anyone ignoring this will receive a penalty charge notice.

What times of the day/night does the pedestrian zone apply?

The regulations apply at all times.

Who enforces the pedestrian zone?

NSL Services, who currently carry out parking enforcement on our behalf will enforce the new pedestrian zone through a combination of parking enforcement officers and camera cars.


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