Lewisham Council - Management of Beckenham Place Park

Management of Beckenham Place Park

Beckenham Place Park is owned by Lewisham Council and all issues relevant to the park are overseen by the Beckenham Place Park Working Party. 

The golf course is managed by Glendale under contract. There is free public access to the park during normal hours. Facilities include a cafe and bar in the mansion, and toilets are available near the mansion and by the Old Bromley Road entrance to the park.

In addition to its nature conservation value, Beckenham Place Park is of great importance for sport (particularly golf) and informal recreation, and contains listed buildings and other features of historical interest. With all of these varied interests broad scope management of the site is required.  

​In 1995 we set up the Beckenham Place Park Working Party. The Working Party is made up of representatives of relevant Council departments, local residents' groups, London Wildlife Trust, local history societies, the golf clubs and the Friends of Beckenham Place Park. The Working Party meets regularly to consider all issues of relevance to the park.   ​