Lewisham Council - Fauna in Beckenham Place Park

Fauna in Beckenham Place Park

The woodlands of Beckenham Place Park support a good range of animals.

Breeding birds include sparrowhawk (in some years), stock dove, ring-necked parakeet, tawny owl, all three woodpeckers, blackcap, chiffchaff, goldcrest, spotted flycatcher, nuthatch and treecreeper, all of which are scarce in Lewisham.

Foxes, grey squirrels, hedgehogs and bats are all present. Several species of small mammals, such as woodmouse, bank vole and common shrew, are likely to occur, but have not been surveyed.

A preliminary invertebrate survey undertaken for us by local entomologist Richard Jones in 1995 found a diverse fauna, including several ancient woodland indicators.

Species associated with mature woodland and dead wood were particularly prevalent, while those associated with clearings and the early stages of the coppice cycle were, understandably, scarce.

A number of nationally notable species were found in the woodlands including a ground beetle (Acupalpus exiguus), two jewel beetles (Agrilus laticornis and Astragalus sinuatus), a fly (Solva marginata), a red data book beetle, and a fungus beetle (Conopalpus testaceus).

The purple hairstreak butterfly, whose caterpillars feed on oak, is found in the park, one of only three known Lewisham sites for this small and rather elusive butterfly.​​​

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