Lewisham Council - Margaret McMillan Park


Margaret McMillan Park


Margaret McMillan park was transformed in 2009 when entrances were improved, paths reconfigured, two park areas were opened up to create one space, new lighting, furniture, planting, trees and improvements to the existing playground were introduced.

The park forms part of the North Lewisham Links Programme that connects people to safer walking and cycling routes in the north of Lewisham. It is open day and night and forms part the first key route that connects people from Hatcham Gardens through to Deptford Town Centre.

Because of its success the park has won several awards including a Civic Trust Award in 2010 for Community Recognition and more recently an award for the Best New Urban Space at the London Planning Awards in 2012.

Play facilities in the park include a play area for under 13s including swings, climbing frames, a spinning wheel and natural play elements.


  • Douglas Way
  • Watson’s Street
  • Glenville Grove.


  • Play area
  • Cycle route.

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