Lewisham Council - Chinbrook Meadows

Chinbrook Meadows

The scheme to naturalise the Quaggy river channel through Chinbrook Meadows was completed in 2002.

Works included breaking the river out of its concrete corridor and allowing it to flow more naturally through the park, thus reintroducing river bank areas to encourage wildlife. The scheme includes the creation of boardwalks and bridges to enable visitors to interact better with the river.

The public footpath running through the meadows forms part of the South East London Green Chain Walk and the regional Capital Ring.

The park has benefitted recently from the installation of a new sports pavilion, new sports courts for tennis, football and basketball and a new children's playground. Field sports, football and cricket, are also provided. The park is patrolled by on-site park keepers.

The park takes its name from the stream commonly known as the River Quaggy but sometimes referred to as the Kyd Brook or Chin brook.



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