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Maroon plaques

The Lewisham maroon plaques scheme celebrates the remarkable endeavours and achievements of some if its former residents.

The maroon plaques scheme commemorates people who:

  • have contributed to human welfare or happiness and deserve recognition for it
  • are notable in their field
  • are well known
  • have lived in, or have very strong links with the borough
  • are no longer living, and sufficient time has elapsed since their death to show their lasting contribution to society.

Sometimes a building may be commemorated for its own significance, or for an event.

There are over 20 maroon plaques in Lewisham, commemorating people such as:

  • Edith Nesbit, who wrote The Railway Children
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer, one of the leading theologians of the 20th century
  • Margaret and Rachel McMillan, social reformers and educational theorists who had a tremendous influence on the development of nursery education.

Maroon plaque nominations

Help us commemorate Lewisham's past by nominating someone for a maroon plaque.

You can suggest future recipients by filling in the nomination form and telling us why you think someone should have a maroon plaque. Refer to the list at the top of this page to see how a person or building can qualify for a plaque.

How do I propose someone for a plaque?

Complete our nomination form and tell us why you think someone should be commemorated with a maroon plaque. All nominations will be considered for inclusion. Lewisham aims to erect two plaques a year and we will keep all nominations for consideration each year.


​Plaques of the London Borough of Lewisham Apart from maroon plaques there are a number of plaques erected by private individuals, organisations and business. Below is a list of the plaques we are aware of.

If you know of any more please contact the Local history and archives centre, details at the end of this page.

​List of maroon plaques in Lewisham ​
Baird, John Logie​ Linnell, John and William Blake​
Baring, Sir Francis​ London Borough of Lewisham​
Baxter, George​ McMillan, Margaret and Rachel​
Blackheath Football Club ​ Morrison, Herbert​
Blake, William and John Linnell ​ Neighbourhood Office​
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich ​ Nesbit, Edith ​
Connell, Jim Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia​
Deptford Station​​ Ross, Sir James Clark ​
Dowson, Ernest Christopher​ Shackleton, Sir Ernest​
Duncan, Leland Lewis​ Site of Ladywell Mineral Spring​
Flecker, James Elroy​ Smiles, Samuel​
Glaisher, James​ Sturdee, Thankfull​
Grace, Dr William Gilbert (W.G.)​ Tallis, John​
Greening, Edward Owen​ Unwin, Sir Stanley​
Greenwich and Lewisham History Trail​ V1 Incident, Lewisham High Street​
Grove, Sir George​ V2 Incident, Woolworths, New Cross Road​
Hepworth, Cecil​ Wallace, Edgar​
Horniman, Frederick John​ Wallis, Sir Barnes​
Jefferies, Richard​ Wesley, John at The Limes​
Jordan, Dorothea and King William IV​ Williamson, Henry​
King William IV and Dorothea Jordan​ Young lives lost in the New Cross fire of 1981​
Lewisham Town Hall​


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