Big Lunch 2017

Big Lunch 2017

​This year's Big Lunch will be held on 18 June 2017.


What is a big lunch?

A big lunch can be anything from simply getting together with your immediate neighbours – in a garden, on the street – through to organising a bigger street party, with food, bunting and music, that quite literally stops the traffic.

How do I close my road? ​

If you would like to hold a street party you will need to apply to close your road. Before you apply please email to get advanced approval that your request is feasible.  

Please state the exact location of your proposed closure, whether it is the whole road or not, and if applicable the specific section of the road you would like to close. Please include all relevant street names and house numbers.

How do I get more help?

Get more information about:

Contact us

  • Dave Wheeler – road closure applications – 020 8314 2218
  • Kellie Blake – general event advice – 020 8314 7321 (Mon–Wed only).