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Local assemblies – funding

The Assembly Fund is a budget allocated to each ward to meet the local assembly priorities.

  • The fund supports chosen assembly priorities for each ward.
  • The fund helps each assembly make decisions and bring about change.
  • The fund may be used as ‘seed’ funding to attract other sources of finance.

How much is available?  

There is £15,000 available for each ward in 2016–17, of which £12,500 is available for assemblies to spend and a further £2,500 for councillors to spend on local projects.

What can it be spent on?

Each local assembly has a set of agreed local priorities and an action plan setting out how these priorities might be addressed.

Some actions will not require any funding and can be delivered by residents, us or other partners within existing resources, but others may only be achievable using the Assembly Fund.

The assembly should be involved in deciding which parts of the assembly action plan they wish to allocate funding to. Councillors and assemblies are encouraged to consider carefully which projects will best meet their local priorities and achieve the greatest value and impact for local people.

Other criteria

  • The Assembly Fund may be used for a single project or a number of projects.
  • The fund cannot be used for activities that require ongoing revenue support. Projects need to be self-contained or be able to demonstrate how they will become self-financing - the assembly fund is one-off funding.
  • Projects may be delivered in partnership with other statutory or non-statutory service providers.
  • More than one ward may combine funds to deliver a single project.
  • Assemblies are encouraged to lever added value from volunteering and match funding.
  • A project brief needs to be drawn up for each chosen project and submitted to your local ward development officer. Their details can be found on individual ward pages. Development officers can also advise on timelines around submitting proposals.

Proposal information

Suggestions on how to spend the money can come from residents, local community groups or community organisations. All suggestions need to be presented through the relevant local assembly and must help deliver the ward's priorities.

Funding awarded by the Assembly is subject to formal approval by the Executive Director for Community Services or Mayor and Cabinet depending on the value of the award.

If funding is approved, organisations will be sent a confirmation letter outlining the terms of the funding agreement. Payment will only be made once this and any required supplementary documents are returned.  Where an organisation has not been previously funded, or the value of the project is over £5,000, payment will be made in two instalments: one initial payment followed by a second final payment on completion of the project and the return of satisfactory monitoring information.

You may be required to provide copies of the following documentation:

  • constitution, terms of reference or governing document
  • public liability insurance certificate
  • health and safety policy
  • equal opportunities policy
  • risk assessment(s)
  • evidence of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (previously CRB checks) (for projects working or volunteering with children or vulnerable adults).

Funded organisations must ensure that:

  1. bank account is in operation into which payment can be made bank account is in operation into which payment can be made
  2. legal and insurance liabilities associated with the project are fulfilled
  3. appropriate safeguarding measures are implemented such as DBS checks
  4. projects are completed by November 2015
  5. completed monitoring form with appropriate information is provided at the end of the project. Failure to provide this will result in that organisation being ineligible for future Local Assembly funding completed monitoring form with appropriate information is provided at the end of the project. Failure to provide this will result in that organisation being ineligible for future Local Assembly funding
  6. financial evidence, including receipts, is kept for at least two years after submission of monitoring information
  7. the project organiser is available to return to a future assembly meeting to provide feedback on the delivery of the project, if requested.

Should an organisation have any concerns or questions about the above requirements they should contact their Assembly Development Officer.

For fuller guidance on developing the action plan, use of the Assembly Fund, agreeing spend with the assembly, developing project briefs and all other aspects of the process please contact us.


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