Lewisham Council - About local assemblies

About local assemblies

Local assemblies are open meetings where you and others decide how to improve your area.

The assembly is your chance to:
  • discuss and share what matters to you
  • work with your councillors and others to shape the future of your neighbourhood
  • find out what is happening in your ward
  • consider how funding available to your ward is spent.

How do they work?

The Lewisham borough is broken up into 18 wards, each of which has a local assembly which will meet up to four times a year. The assembly meeting is chaired by a ward councillor and anyone who lives, works or learns in the ward can attend.

Each assembly has a set of priorities focusing on improving the ward. These are reviewed regularly and every year each assembly gets a small amount of money known as the Local Assembly Fund, to help tackle these priorities.

The assembly works with the voluntary sector, the police, the wider community and others to make real change happen.

Read the equalities impact assessment for the assemblies programme.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by coming along to your local assembly. You can find details of all meetings on the individual ward pages. For more information about the programme please contact us.

Which assembly do I belong to?

To find out which ward and assembly you belong to, type in your postcode in the find your councillor search.