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Forest Hill assembly fund 2017–18

The assembly fund is a budget allocated to each ward to meet the local assembly priorities. The fund may also be used as seed funding to attract other sources of finance.

How much is available?

There is £12,500 available and the maximum amount that you can apply for £2,500.

What can it be spent on?

The money could be used to start up a project, support a group to develop new activities, or support a larger project that has secured funding from other sources.

The projects must also aim to tackle the priorities that have been identified by residents, community groups and local businesses:

  • Youth engagement and provision – we are looking for activities that will appeal and support new and existing schemes for young people. These could include those that are art, music, drama and sports based as well as ideas around exciting intergenerational projects.
  • Making Forest Hill more attractive – we are looking for proposals that will help to keep Forest Hill streets clean and appealing. This could include the planting of trees and flowers or a proposal that would increase street art or improve an area.
  • Community events – we are looking for proposals around events that include celebrations, such as Christmas, or events that engage residents and local groups by offering education and information as well as being fun.
  • Supporting local traders – we are looking for proposals that could support and promote Forest Hill as a vibrant town centre and the Kirkdale area for local businesses.

How to apply

Download and complete the assembly fund 2017–18 application form and send it to maya.onyett@lewisham.gov.uk.

The deadline date for applications is Friday 1 September 2017. 

Final decisions on which funding applications have been successful will take place at the Forest Hill  assembly meeting on Saturday 30 September, venue to be confirmed, 1.30–3.30pm.



Dementia Carers Support Group Free

Carers Lewisham, Waldram Place, London, SE23 2LB 
17 August 10.30AM to 12.30PM

If you would like to talk about any issues or queries you may have about dementia, come along to our Dementia Drop-in sessions for unpaid carers.

Hornimans Explorers family workshop  Free

Horniman Museum and Gardens 
17 August 11.45AM to 2.30PM

​Families with children aged 3+ can handle museum objects related to autumn animals.

Yoga for children

St George's Church 
17 August 5.15PM to 6pm

Iyengar yoga for children

Iyengar yoga classes and workshops for adults and children - yoga in Forest Hill

St George's Church 
17 August 7.30PM to 9pm

Iyengar yoga classes and workshops for adults and children.

St David Coffee House open evenings

St David Coffee House 
18 August 8am to 1am

We are now open until 11pm serving wine, craft beer and food.

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