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​Top prioritie​​s for Forest Hill Assembly

  • ​Youth engagement and provision: looking for activities that will appeal and support new and existing schemes young people. These could include those that are art, music, drama and sports based. We are also keen to open up the criteria to include ideas around exciting intergenerational projects.
  • Making Forest Hill more attractive: looking for proposals that will help to keep Forest Hill streets clean and appealing. This could include the planting of trees and flowers or a proposal that would increase street art or improve an area.
  • Community events: looking for proposals around events that include celebrations, e.g.​ Christmas or events that engage residents and local groups offering education and relevant information to the Forest Hill area, as well as being fun.
  • Supporting local traders: looking for proposals that could support and promote Forest Hill as a vibrant town centre and the Kirkdale area for local businesses.


Colour: The Rainbow Revealed

Horniman Museum and Gardens 
21 June 10am to 5.30PM

An interactive exhibition for the all the family exploring the endless ways in which colour shapes our world.

Plonk Crazy Golf at the Horniman

Horniman Museum and Gardens 
21 June 10am to 5pm

A 9-hole crazy golf course in the Horniman Gardens for all the family. Enjoy loop-the-loops, heroic hills as well as some special Horniman themed-holes, and Plonk's very own Gerald the Walrus!

IT Training in Forest Hill for Carers Free

21 June 10am to 12.30PM

6 weeks of IT training courses for unpaid carers of any age who need to improve their understanding of technology and their ability to use online platforms.

Beginners Bellydance class

21 June 7pm to 7.45PM

The perfect class for absolute beginners or those wanting to refresh their core bellydance moves. For women of all shapes, ages & size. Bellydance is the perfect way to improve your flexibility, gain body confidence, burn calories & free yourself from the

St David Coffee House open evenings

St David Coffee House 
22 June 8am to 1am

We are now open until 11pm serving wine, craft beer and food.

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