Lewisham Council - Lewisham Arts Festival Fund crowdfunding 2017–18

Lewisham Arts Festival Fund crowdfunding 2017–18

Lewisham Festival Fund could support your project by pledging a maximum of 70% of the total cost of your project.

Are you eligible?

A ‘festival’ can consist of an event/events, a series of workshops or arts programming that residents of Lewisham can access.

To be eligible for the Lewisham Arts Festival Fund, projects must:

  • be submitted by not-for-profit organisations
  • take place in Lewisham and benefit residents
  • consider equal opportunities of access to the project.

We are unable to fund:

  • individuals – if you are an individual with an idea you could link up with a local organisation (contact us if you would like help with this)
  • activities that promote political views or religious beliefs
  • commercial or business related activities
  • spending that has already taken place
  • projects already funded by other sources or services we provide.


Lewisham Arts Festival Fund supports projects that:

  • enhance the identity of Lewisham
  • generate new participants and audiences as well as support existing ones
  • engage and enrich local communities
  • strengthen local areas and neighbourhood partnerships
  • provide a platform and offer professional development for local artists
  • deliver economic benefits to the local community and the borough.

Projects are also welcomed that support and develop volunteering opportunities.

Criteria for assessing projects

Projects will be assessed against the funding criteria below and successful bids will come from all areas of the borough.

  • Quality – high quality and artistic merit looks at innovation, creativity, originality and high standards of delivery.
  • Effective management – evidence of the organisation’s ability to effectively manage the project. Information on experience of successfully managing a similar activity, planning that has been undertaken and the key stages of managing the project.
  • Financial sustainability – the project must be value for money and the organisation must demonstrate its track record in achieving external funding and the approach to managing finance.
  • Local need – evidence of local need.
  • Audience development – high scores will be given to projects that develop new audiences and reach those who do not normally participate in cultural experiences.
  • Partnership working.
  • Marketing – clearly developed plans to promote the festival.
  • Economic benefits – economic benefits of the festival taking place.

Ask people to comment and ‘like’ your project as well as pledge. Community support will be taken into account as well as financial pledges.

How to submit your project

You must submit your project onto the crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunder, via the Lewisham arts page.

Get information on how to use Crowdfunder.

You can also access free webinars with advice on how to use crowdfunding to support your project.  


Lewisham Festival Fund will pledge a maximum of 70% of the total cost of your project. The maximum pledge is £4,000.

Other sources of funding are required for at least 30% of the total cost of your project. 50% of your match funding can be costs you have managed to get for free (‘in-kind’ contributions).

Match funding

Match funding is required for at least 30% of the total cost of your project. This can come from your Crowdfunder pledges, grants from other funders including those on Crowdfunder, in-kind support or earned income (e.g. through ticket sales). 

50% of your match funding can come from in-kind support which could include:

  • free offers of materials
  • free use of equipment, work or rehearsal space
  • transport related to the project or
  • professional time given.

Match funding cannot come from us or the Small and Faith Crowdfunder fund.

Other funders on Crowdfunder that your project could be eligible for:

If you have any queries on the fund please contact 020 8314 9608 or nancy.stridgen@lewisham.gov.uk

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