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​You can apply for a range of services online quickly and conveniently.

To make an application you may need to register. You will only need to register once and we advise you to do so as it will enable you to access services via an account and view your history with us.

Apply for an allotment
School transfers​
Free school meals​
School travel support​
Waste and recycling​
Subscribe to the garden waste collection service
Request a recycling bin​
Request a waste bin​
Births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships​
Request a copy birth certificate​
Request a copy death certificate​
Request a copy marriage certificate​
Request a copy civil partnership certificate​
Business rates​
Tell us you've moved​
Apply for business rates relief
Set up a summons payment arrangement
Set up a payment arrangement
Upload evidence
Give us feedback
Dispute a missing payment
Request a refund​
Fostering enquiry​
Adoption enquiry​
Council tax refunds, exemptions and discounts
Set up a direct debit
Dispute a missing payment
Set up a payment arrangement
Set up a summons payment arrangement
Apply for a trainee or apprentice discount
Apply for a people in detention discount
Apply for a refund
Apply for an empty property discount
Apply for disabled relief
Apply for a carer or careworker discount
Apply for a student discount or exemption
Apply for a hospital or care home resident discount
Apply for a single person discount
Apply for a severely mentally impaired discount
Submit evidence
Tell us about a change in occupancy (landlords and agents)
Give us feedback
Housing benefit calculator​
Jobs with the Council
Search and apply for jobs with the Council
Search and apply for jobs in schools
Apply for an HMO licence​
Planning permission ​
​Apply or renew a licence on the .gov.uk website
​Apply for a disabled person's Freedom Pass
Submit documents related to a Freedom Pass, Blue Badge or Taxicard​

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