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Quit smoking

We work with the Lewisham Stop Smoking Service which has helped 15,000 people quit smoking. We also provide information and support national campaigns.

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Stop smoking clinic at Lewisham Hospital Free

Lewisham Hospital 1 May 10am to 1pm

Stop smoking with a friendly stop smoking advisor from the NHS


Stop Smoking Clinic - Deptford Free

Grove Medical Centre 1 May 10am to 4.30PM

Stop smoking with a friendly advisor from the NHS


Stop Smoking Clinic - Lewisham Free

Lewisham Library 1 May  12 noon to 2pm

Drop-in to get free support to help you stop smoking


Services to help you quit

Local support sessions 

The Stop Smoking Service runs group sessions every Monday evening at the Owen Centre in Lewisham Hospital. You can drop-in whenever you feel you are ready to quit smoking. With a success rate of 67%, this is the most successful way to stop.

For details of what is available in your local area see below:

GP and pharmacies

Many GP surgeries and pharmacies offer free one-to-one advice and support to smokers who want to quit using in-house stop smoking advisors. A range of treatment options is available to those who want to quit smoking and include nicotine products, and in some cases, prescription medicine.

Specialist support 

The Stop Smoking Service can arrange for you to have specialist support if you are:

We also support national campaigns including:

Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control

We are signatories to the Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control which commits us to:

  • reduce smoking prevalence and health inequalities in the borough
  • develop plans with partners and local communities
  • participate in local and regional networks
  • support government action at national level
  • protect tobacco control work from the commercial and vested interests of the tobacco industry
  • monitor the progress of our plans
  • join the Smokefree Action Coalition.

We want to help reduce the harm caused by all tobacco and particularly illegal tobacco, which is sold in shops, and encourage residents to anonymously report those they know or suspect are dealing in illicit products. ​​

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