Lewisham Community Police Consultative Group

The LCPCG held their last meeting in March 2014, 28 years after their first meeting in January 1986. 

Over the next few months a new Lewisham Safer Neighbourhood Board will be launched which will be similar in many ways to the LCPCG.

Some information about the SNB plans can be found here.

View information about the LCPCG.

Volunteers from the LCPCG will be overseeing the development of the new board. Please contact them via email: or Twitter: @LewishamCPCG.

The LCPCG has agreed to share their mailing list with the new board so anyone who used to hear about LCPCG meetings will be contacted when the first meeting is arranged. 

Contact details have also been set up for the new board and the LCPCG will monitor these until launch. Email: or Twitter: @LewishamSNBoard.

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