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Building control approval

If you intend to build a new property or make changes to an existing property, you may need to apply for building control approval.

Building control approval is completely separate to planning approval / permission, so approval under one does not mean you automatically have approval under the other.

Building control approval means that your plans have been checked for construction and structural safety by a professional. Our inspectors will make visits to your site to ensure that your build complies with building regulations, fire safety, energy conservation and access.

If you are a leaseholder you will need to seek the freeholders permission before any building work is undertaken. You can contact the Leasehold Department at Lewisham Homes on 0208 613 4230 leasehold@lewishamhomes.org.uk

Apply for building control approval

There are three types of building control applications. 

Building notice

For works to an existing property. For example, a loft conversion, new roof, replacement windows, garage / carport, drainage and electrical works (this list is not exhaustive). See submit a building notice form for more details.

Full plans application

For all commercial building work, all new buildings and some works to an existing property, such as an extension. Please call us to check if your project needs full plans approval. See apply for full plans approval for more detailed information.

Regularisation (retrospective approval of work)

If building works have already been completed without approval. See apply for regularisation for more details.

Please call us on 020 8314 8233 if you need help filling in the forms, or are unsure which application to complete.

There is a fee payable to Lewisham Council when you submit an application. Download our fees chart and guidance in building control fees near the end of this page or speak to a member of staff.

What happens next

A building control officer will inspect the work as it progresses to make sure that your building project complies with building regulations, fire safety and health and safety. For more details see site inspections.

If your full plans application is rejected, we will give you the reasons. We will ask you to make amendments or provide more details, and will do our best to help you make a successful re-application.

If work has been done without approval

We have to ensure that all building work in the borough complies with building regulations. If the work does not comply, we can ask you to alter or remove it.

If you have already completed work without approval you can apply for retrospective approval by making a regularisation application. For more about regularisation see apply for regularisation.


Following a change in government legislation, certain contractors can now certify their own work as compliant with building regulations. If you are using a properly registered contractor, you do not need to contact Building Control.

Contractors must be fully and properly registered with one of the various schemes in order to install such items as boilers, replacement windows and electrical wiring. A full list of the schemes can be found on existing competent person schemes on the Communities and Local Government website.

Party Wall Act 1996

If you are doing building work that might affect a neighbouring property, please refer to information about the Party Wall Act 1996 on the Communities and Local Government website.

Although this Act may apply to your work, it is a civil matter and Lewisham Building Control are not involved in its administration.​


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