Appealing against a housing decision

We aim for our housing rules to be fair and equal to everyone who applies for a home.

The more priority you have on the housing register, and the longer you have been registered, the quicker you're likely to be offered something.

If you think we have made the wrong decision about your re-housing application you have the right to ask for the decision to be reviewed.

This could include situations where:

  • you are dissatisfied with the housing priority band you have been given
  • you have been suspended or disqualified from the housing list and think this is unfair

How to appeal

Contact us to request a review. We will send you a review request form for you or your advocate to complete.


Housing Options
1 Housing Options Centre
Eros House
, Brownhill Road
020 8314 7007

​Tell us on the form why you believe that our decision was wrong. Give us as much information as possible. You must send the form back to us within 21 days of us telling you about the decision with which you disagree. We will not review your case if you send back the form later than this.

What happens next

We will carry out a review of your housing application, taking into consideration what you have told us. The Head of Housing Needs will determine whether the decision was right or wrong. We aim to give you the decision within 56 days from when we receive your request form. We will write to you to tell you the outcome of the review. The decision of this review is final.



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