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Dog microchipping

Compulsory microchipping of dogs 

The Microchipping of Dogs (England) regulations 2015 came into force on 6 April 2016. Under this Act it is now compulsory for all dogs over eight weeks old to be microchipped and registered to the person with whom they normally reside, unless they meet one of the exemption criteria.

If you do not get your dog microchipped or registered on an approved database, you are not complying with the regulations and a notice may be served. If you do not get your dog chipped and registered within 21 days of the served notice you may be liable to pay a fine of up to £500.

Under the Act it is also an offence to transfer a dog to a new keeper before it has been microchipped, unless the dog meets the exemption criteria. This may have implications if you breed dogs or if you sell or give your dog to someone else.


Joining a dog registration scheme will help you to find your pet should it ever become lost.

There are different types of registration schemes: some involve your dog having a tag, tattoo or microchip.

Free microchipping

Microchipping is a quick safe and reliable method of identification that increases the chances of finding your pet if it is lost or stolen.

We hold regular dog microchipping sessions that are free for residents.

The services available are:

  • free dog microchipping and tag engraving
  • free training advice
  • free neutering advice
  • free healthcare advice.

Information on where you can get your dog microchipped for free can be found on the RSPCA and Chipmydog websites.


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