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After school music groups

Our after school groups are ideal for children and young people who wish to develop their instrumental skills or singing. They will have the opportunity to play or sing with other young people in a supportive environment and work towards performing in local festivals and projects as well as with our partner organisations.

Lewisham junior choir

Lewisham junior choir rehearse on Tuesdays from 4.15–5.15pm for 10 weeks per term at the Lewisham Irish Community Centre in Catford. The choir is suitable for children in years 3 to 6 who would like to develop their voices further 

Lewisham schools brass band

Lewisham schools brass band rehearse on Tuesdays from 5–6pm for 10 weeks per term at Kilmorie Primary School in Forest Hill. The band is suitable for all brass players at grade 1 and above.

Lewisham schools junior winds

Lewisham schools junior winds rehearse on Wednesdays from 4.45–5.45pm for 10 weeks per term at John Ball Primary School in Blackheath. The ensemble is suitable for all woodwind players at grade 1 and above.

Lewisham schools concert band

Lewisham schools concert band rehearse on Fridays from 6.30–8pm for 10 weeks per term at Prendergast Vale School in Lewisham. The band is suitable for brass, woodwind and orchestral percussion players at grade 5 and above.

Lewisham schools concert band performs regularly in and around London, as well as taking part in overseas tours.

Deptford junior strings

Deptford junior strings rehearse on Wednesdays from 3.45​​–4.45pm for 10 weeks per term at Deptford Park Primary School in Deptford. The group is suitable string players at all levels.

Deptford junior band

Deptford junior band rehearse on Wednesdays from 4​​–5pm for 10 weeks per term at Sir Francis Drake Primary School in Deptford. The group is suitable brass and woodwind players at all levels.

Grove Park junior band

Grove Park junior band rehearse on Thursdays from 3.30​​–4.30pm for 10 weeks per term at Coopers Lane Primary School in Lee. The group is suitable strings and woodwind players at all levels.

Bellingham junior band

Bellingham junior band rehearse on Thursdays from 3.45–4.45pm for 10 weeks per term at Elfrida Primary School​ in Bellingham. The group is suitable brass and woodwind players at all levels.

Who can attend

Young people between the ages of 7 and 18 years (unless otherwise stated) who attend a Lewisham maintained school or academy and/or live in Lewisham. Priority is given to free school meals children, looked after children and children in Lewisham maintained schools or academies.

How to apply and fees

If you would like your child to join one of our after school music groups or the choir then please complete the application form.

Fees are dependant upon the length of the group. Please see the charges document below. If your child receives free school meals or is a looked after child (in care) then costs are reduced. ​​​​



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