Election results for 22 May 2014

Elections for the Mayor of Lewisham, councillors and Members of the European Parliament took place on 22 May 2014.

Results of the European Parliamentary Elections for the London Region were declared late on Sunday evening, 25 May. See the results for the London Borough of Lewisham. Details of how London voted as a whole can be seen on the London European Elections website.

Results of the Mayor of Lewisham and councillor elections are listed below. A full breakdown of voting details are contained in the document at the bottom of this page.

See an overview of results for London.

Mayor of Lewisham

​Name of candidate ​Party ​Number of votes Percentage
of vote​
Steve Bullock​ ​Labour Party ​36,659 50.77%​
Simon Nundy​ ​Conservative Party ​8,041 11.14%​
​Duwayne Brooks ​Liberal Democrats ​7,234 ​10.02%
​Mike Keogh ​The Green Party ​7,224 ​10.00%
​John Hamilton ​Lewisham People Before Profit ​6,014 ​8.33%
​Peter Lello ​UK Independence Party (UKIP) ​5,684 ​7.87%
​Chris Flood ​Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 1,354​ ​1.88%

Total eligible electorate: 196,609. Turnout: 73,212 (37.2%)


Ward​ Name of candidate​ Party​ Number of votes​
Bellingham​ Alan Hall​ ​Labour ​1,819
Ami Ibitson​ ​Labour ​1,690
Jacq Paschoud​ ​Labour ​1,505
Blackheath​ Kevin Andrew Martin Bonavia​ Labour​ ​1,780
Amanda De Ryk​ ​Labour ​1,656
Gareth John Siddorn​ ​Labour ​1,370
Brockley​ Jimi Adefiranye​ ​Labour ​2,052
Alicia Pamela Kennedy​ ​Labour ​1,828
John Coughlin​ ​Green ​1,495
Catford South​ Skip Amrani​ ​Labour ​2,177
Alan Smith​ ​Labour ​1,975
Eva Stamirowski​ ​Labour ​1,952
​Crofton Park Chris Barnham​ ​Labour ​2,057
Pauline Susan Morrison​ ​Labour ​1,969
Roy Francis Kennedy​ Labour​ ​1,753
Downham​ Andre Marcus Bourne​ Labour​ 1,366​
David Stanley Britton​ Labour​ 1,315​
Olurotimi John Ogunbadewa​ Labour​ 1,029​
Evelyn​ David Michael​ ​Labour ​1,930
Jamie Milne​ ​Labour ​1,743
Crada Nkechinyere Onuegbu​ Labour​ ​1,571
Forest Hill​ Maja Hilton​ ​Labour ​2,115
Peter Bernards​ ​Labour 1,945​
Paul Upex​ ​Labour ​1,814
Grove Park​ Suzannah Clarke​ ​Labour ​1,732
Hilary Clare Moore​ ​Labour ​1,288
Colin Mackenzie Elliott​ Labour​ ​1,222
Ladywell​ Bill Brown​ ​Labour ​2,038
Liz Johnston-Franklin​ ​Labour ​1,960
Carl Richard Handley​ ​Labour ​1,860
Lee Green​ Jim Mallory​ ​Labour 2,156​
Simon Thomas Hooks​ Labour​ 1,973​
Pat Raven​ Labour​ ​1,598
Lewisham Central​ Stella Janet Jeffrey​ ​Labour ​2,514
Damien James Egan​ ​Labour ​2,412
Joan Reid​ ​Labour ​2,085
New Cross​ Brenda Vanessa Dacres​ ​Labour ​1,862
Joe Dromey​ ​Labour ​1,688
Paul Jeremy Maslin​ ​Labour ​1,342
Perry Vale​ John Paschoud​ ​Labour ​2,212
Alan Till​ ​Labour ​1,961
Susan Wise​ ​Labour ​1,942
Rushey Green​ Helen Klier​ ​Labour ​1,784
John Michael Muldoon​ ​Labour ​1,453
James J Walsh​ ​Labour ​1,246
Sydenham​ Chris Best​ ​Labour ​2,341
Liam Curran​ ​Labour ​1,705
Rachel Onikosi​ ​Labour ​1,684
Telegraph Hill​ Joan Millbank​ ​Labour ​2,278
Paul Bell​ ​Labour ​2,153
Luke Sorba​ Labour​ 1,761​
Whitefoot​ Janet Jessica Daby​ ​Labour ​1,851
Mark Ingleby​ ​Labour ​1,651
Jonathan Slater​ ​Labour ​1,444

Election of councillors in Forest Hill ward, 22 May 2014 – statement

This statement concerns the election of local councillors for the Forest Hill ward held on 22 May 2014. The result of this election remains as it was declared on 23 May 2014.
The Returning Officer has written to the Electoral Commission to confirm that, due to an accounting error, the number of votes recorded for each candidate was incorrectly shown on the result sheet and to explain how this happened. In its reply, the Commission said: “It is clear that you have a very good understanding of what went wrong and why, and that you will have very robust plans in place to stop such an incident happening again.”
The Council will implement changes to the accounting system to prevent a recurrence of this error in future. The Returning Officer has briefed all the candidates who contested the election and their agents. See the number of votes actually cast per candidate.