General election 2017

General election 2017

​The UK will have a general election on Thursday 8 June 2017.

Key dates for voters

  • The second issue of postal votes are due to be sent 28–30 May.
  • Deadline to apply for a proxy vote is Wed 31 May (5pm).
  • Reissue of new postal votes will be made from Fri 2 June.
  • Polling day is Thurs 8 June (7am–10pm).

Past dates

  • The deadline to apply for a postal vote was Tues 23 May (5pm).
  • The deadline to register to vote in the general election was midnight on Mon 22 May.
  • The first issue of postal votes went out on Fri 19 May. 

Polling cards

My poll card hasn't been delivered. How can I check I'm registered?

  • If you were registered to vote before 25 April you should have received your poll card by 15 May.
  • If you registered to vote between 25 April and 10 May you will receive your poll card by 22 May.

Do I need a poll card to vote?

    • No. You just need to be registered to vote. There is no need to prove your ID or address.
  • When you go to the polling station, give your name and address to the polling staff, who will issue you with a ballot paper.

Where is my postal vote?

  • The first issue of postal votes was posted via Royal Mail on 19 May and was due to arrive on 20 May.
  • If you applied for a postal vote after 21 April it is likely your postal vote will be in the second issue which is due to be delivered between 28–30 May.

Can I get a new postal vote as the first one didn't arrive?

  • Yes, we can reissue your postal vote, but only from 2 June onwards.
  • The best way to get a new postal vote is to collect it in person from our office at Laurence House.
  • If you are collecting a reissued postal vote in person, please bring photo ID and proof of address. 
  • Alternatively, if you can't get to Laurence House we may post it out again – however, as the first one didn't arrive we can't guarantee the second one will be delivered.

Where do I take my postal vote?

  • Use the reply envelope and post it back to: Electoral Services, Ground Floor, Laurence House, Catford SE6 4RU.
  • Or you can drop it off in person at Laurence House.
  • Alternatively, on polling day, you can drop your postal vote off at any polling station in the borough.

Emergency proxy vote

An emergency has happened and I need a proxy vote

If it is after 31 May the emergency proxy rules apply:

  • Medical emergency – if an accident or emergency occurs after Wed 31 May you will need to get a doctor to sign the emergency proxy vote application.
    You should email us for a form and advice on or call us 020 8314 6086.
  • Work emergency – if you are called away for work reasons that only become apparent after Wed 31 May call 020 8314 6086 for an emergency proxy form which must be signed by your employer.

Who can vote?

EU citizens cannot vote in this election

If you are an EU citizen living in the UK and have not yet gained UK citizenship then you cannot vote in general elections and therefore cannot vote in this one.

Who can vote in the general election?

The following people are able to vote in general elections:

  • British citizens.
  • Commonwealth citizens legally resident in this country.
  • British citizens living abroad for no more than 15 years.

See a full list of people able to vote in general elections.

Where can I vote?

You can check the location of polling stations in the borough by looking at the ward maps.

Alternatively, you can use the postcode search to find your local polling station.

Election timetable

​Date ​Item
​3 May ​Publication of notice of election (see documents below)
​11 May ​Deadline for receipt of nominations (4pm)
​Deadline for withdrawals
​Deadline to appoint election agents (4pm)
​Publish notice of election agents (4pm)
​12 May ​Publish statements of persons nominated
​22 May ​Deadline for registration (midnight)
​23 May ​Deadline for receipt of postal vote applications (5pm)
​31 May ​Publish notice of poll
​Deadline for receipt of proxy vote applications (5pm)
​1 June ​Deadline to appoint polling and count agents
​2 June ​First day to re-issue replacement postal votes
​8 June ​Polling day (7am to 10pm)
Deadline to receive emergency proxy vote applications (5pm)​
​Deadline for issuing replacement postal votes (5pm)