'Portas Pilot' projects

​Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill have received up to £80,000 of government money to help regenerate the area’s high streets as part of the UK-wide Portas Pilot scheme.

The Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill Town Team, which put together the successful Portas Pilot bid, is made up of a number of partners including: the Forest Hill Society, the Sydenham Society, Horniman Museum & Gardens, Sydenham Town Centre Steering Group, Kirkdale Village Traders & Community Association and Forest Hill Trader's Association.

Lewisham Council will be responsible for managing the Portas Pilot fund, and has contributed an additional £115,000 to the scheme including £100,000 secured via a planning agreement for the nearby Bell Green development and £15,000 from the government's High Street Innovation Fund.

The Town Team's successful bid comprised three main elements:

Jack and Jill

Two high street shops (one in Sydenham, the other in Forest Hill) will be renovated and used as locations for exhibitions, business workshops, pop up events, the showcasing of local products, and as a base for the Town Team.

The shop revolution

Up to 12 vacant units will be refurbished and let on short-term leases to a mix of businesses and organisations, giving new start-ups the chance to test their business skills.

Market makers

Building on the success of the Girton Road car boot sale and the Forest Hill Food Fair, traders will be given the opportunity to test demand for their goods or services and therefore refine their business plans before committing to a long-term lease.

If you would like to be involved or learn more, email

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