Regenerating Lewisham town centre

We want Lewisham to become the town centre of choice for people who live in this part of London, with an excellent range of shops and leisure facilities and a high-quality environment.

The revitalisation of the town centre will be achieved through a number of different schemes, each of which will play a part in providing new homes, jobs and amenities.

As each one is brought forward, we will continue to work with its partners to evaluate the cumulative as well as the individual impact on the town centre, and what this might mean for the local infrastructure in terms of, for instance, health provision and public safety.

By providing a wider range of goods and services we hope to help prevent Lewisham from losing out to other nearby town centres. A few years ago, the National Survey Of Shopping Patterns found that less than 8% of people who live in the catchment area of Lewisham town centre would say it was their first choice of place to go and shop.

Additionally, a good percentage of the borough’s new homes are likely to be in Lewisham town centre. This is because national planning policy favours growth around public transport hubs, in order to reduce reliance on travel by car while also protecting existing green spaces.  

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New dementia centre of excellence

The Ladywell Centre in Lewisham has opened a dedicated area for those with dementia after a major refurbishment.

Improvement plans unveiled for Coulgate Street in Brockley

We are consulting on plans to improve the area east of Brockley Station.

Draft designs revealed for cycling Quietway

Proposals aimed at making a 3km route more attractive to new and less-experienced cyclists.

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