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Exercise and fitness in parks

There are plenty of ways of enjoying sport and fitness in the open air.

Sports activities in parks

Cricket, football, tennis, skate parks and even petanque – there are many ways to access sport in a our parks. Sports pitches and courts are available for free use or hire, you can even join a bowls club!

Sports pitches and courts

If you are an existing sports club, group or individual who want to access the sports facilities in parks, contact Glendale Grounds Management for more information about hiring the pitch facilities and pavilions

Outdoor gym facilities

No more sweaty locker rooms. There are outside gyms in Home ParkMayow Park, Sydenham and Northbrook Park, Lee.

Fitness sessions in parks

Keep fit the army way

Get fit with your kids

Fitness trail

Fitness trails are a series of exercise stations in a park setting, to complete as part of a run or other outdoor exercise circuits. Fitness trails are available in the following parks:

Running groups and routes

321 marked running route

A route in Ladywell Fields consisting of a 2k running loop in the park, starting and finishing at the cafe. This offers a well lit, easily accessible route suitable for all abilities.

Hilly Fields park run

Every Saturday you are invited to join the Hilly Fields park run – It is a 5km run against the clock. Run for your own enjoyment so join in whatever your pace! email them for more information or check out the Hilly Fields park run web page.

If you would like more information about the 321 route, local Run England groups or the Hilly Fields park run, please contact the local Run England Activator, Lynne Atkinson, or call 07718 394825.


Walking in our beautiful parks is great for relaxation or fitness. 
Check out some more information about walking in the borough:


Glendale Grounds Management
020 8318 3986

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