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Hither Green

Residential area with a thriving arts scene, award winning parks and great transport links.

Local events

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Chatterbooks Free

Torridon Road Library 31 July 3.30PM to 4.30PM

Have fun reading the book of the month or making a craft from it, or just chatting about it!

French Club

Ted Ray Scout Hall 2 August 9.30AM to 10.30AM

Have fun learning French! Suitable for English speaking children and basic to intermediate levels speaking children

Schools in the area:


Although by the 18th century Hither Green had become a picturesque neighbourhood swathed in farmland and country manors, originally it was founded on land that had not been inhabited since the Black Death of 1350.

The Scottish MP Archibald Corbett transformed most of Hither Green, building more than 3,000 houses alongside schools, churches and libraries. He also deliberately included no public houses!