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Brockley assembly fund 2017–18

The assembly fund is a budget allocated to each ward to meet the local assembly priorities. The fund may also be used as seed funding to attract other sources of finance.

How much is available?

There is £14,000 available for the Brockley ward in 2017–18. You can apply for a maximum of £2,500 for each individual project.

What can it be spent on?

The money could be used to start up a project, support a group to develop new activities, or support a larger project that has secured funding from other sources.

The projects must also aim to tackle the priorities that have been identified by residents, community groups and local businesses:

  • Creating a high-quality living environment – we are looking for proposals that will help improve our local living environment and make Brockley a safer, cleaner and greener place to live, work and learn. We also want proposals that seek to create development opportunities for Brockley residents.
  • Connecting communities – we are looking for proposals that bring Brockley residents together, foster a sense of community spirit, mutual understanding and respect through community projects, events and activities. These could include projects that are art, music, drama and sports based. We are also keen to open up the criteria to include ideas around exciting intergenerational projects.

How to apply

Download and complete the assembly fund 2017–18 application form and send it to maya.onyett@lewisham.gov.uk. Please read the important information on page seven of the form.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 15 September 2017.

The assessment of all bids received will take place at the Brockley coordinating meeting. The results will be announced at the next assembly on Tuesday 7 November 2017.



Keep fit with gentle exercise

Brockley Rise Centre 
26 June 11am to 12.30PM

Friendly class with a programme of exercises (seated and standing) that will increase your stamina, balance and flexibility whilst having fun.

We dig it 2 gardening and wellbeing club Free

Frendsbury Garden 
26 June 1.30PM to 4pm

Gardening for wellbeing.

House of America

The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre 
27 June 7.40PM to 10pm

The House of America

House of America

The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre 
28 June 7.40PM to 10pm

The House of America

House of America

The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre 
29 June 7.40PM to 10pm

The House of America

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